How to capitalize on your competitor’s mistakes

As you may have heard, the world’s largest gaming exposition E3 is currently on. Microsoft’s new console Xbox One was announced with some unpopular features. Namely, potentially paying a fee to play used games, jumping through hoops to lend a game to friends, strict digital rights management, and a requirement to be online to play the games you already own. These are added costs and inconveniences for their customers who gain… nothing.

Needless to say, the fans took their undeserved punishment poorly. But Sony (and the upcoming Playstation 4 console) was listening. Question: how do you generate word of mouth after your competitor made a bad call?

With a smile:

A sense of humour gets you a long way. Making angry fans laugh turns that attention positively to you, and they respect you for it. When that sense of humour comes from a multi-billion dollar company during the biggest showcase of the year… well, that deserves over 2.1 million views in less than half a day.

Generating word of mouth is not hard, but sometimes it does require you to drop the corporate shield and talk to your customers as a person.