Email Subscriptions: The Barack Obama Method


I recently decided to unsubscribe from Barack Obama’s email list. Originally, I opted in cause I liked seeing Barack Obama’s name in my inbox, but not enough of the emails were really relevant to me. When I clicked unsubscribe in the email, I got to the image above.

It’s not a secret that your company’s most valuable asset is permission and attention, often via email opt-ins. Why then, do so many smart internet marketers let unhappy subscribers opt-out of their list without at least trying to give them more reasons to stay?

President Obama (or his team) does four things here to resell me on the benefits of staying in the email list:

1. The headline is a quote. Obviously, they did some research and came up with the most common reason for unsubscribing. It spoke to me, as if in my own voice, and therefore caught my attention.

2. The body copy. Giving me reasons to “stick around”. Oh, what was that? The President wants my help to fight for important issues? Can’t say no to that. The lesson here is to show your subscribers again the value of your emails and make them feel important.

3. The fewer or no emails box. Note that this page isn’t trying to trick you into staying subscribed. You can still unsubscribe in a couple of clicks. But by giving them reasons to stay, and making the commitment to do so minimal (fewer emails), they’re much more likely to keep listening to you.

4. The Michelle Obama video. While considering whether or not to stay, Mrs. Obama is talking direct to the viewer about what the Administration has achieved, and what more there is to do (that needs your help!). Again, reinforcing the benefits of staying. Plus it’s harder to say no when someone is talking to you.

So take a look or your “unsubscribe page” and ask yourself…

“Why should my readers stay?”.