The Breaking Bad Method – How To Keep People Talking About You

So there’s this show called Breaking Bad and it’s awesome. Problem in years past is that there are only a dozen episodes a year, followed by a lot of waiting.¬†What often happens in my experience is that after the season finale, you talk about it for a week or two before you eventually run out of things to talk about. A lack of conversation can kill excitement.

But AMC does something great: a content-rich website that’s regularly updated during off-season. It has exclusive videos, articles, interviews, behind-the-scenes clips, an email newsletter, and various fan tools (avatars, a name generator and so forth). The content keeps on coming, fans keep on coming back, and word of mouth spreads.

The golden asset of the internet age is attention. With so many other options, you can’t afford to let people forget you exist. In between product launches, for example, you can maintain a blog, or grow a community, run a contest, give a few talkers a private tour, and give insider sneak-peeks.

How will you keep people talking about you?