What do you really sell? (It’s not what you think)

What sells kids cereals is the same thing that sells Happy Meals; not the food, but the toy.

What sells American Express isn’t a credit card, it’s the community.

What sells at Zappos isn’t the shoes, it’s the customer service.

What separates Tiffany’s from the cheaper shop down the road, isn’t a higher quality product, it’s the blue box. The box is such a big deal that they sell a porcelain version of it for $75.

What keeps a little restaurant in Tokyo, Japan in business (and thriving) isn’t the quality of the food, it’s the monkey waiters (not a joke).

The stuff that separates the invisible from the remarkable often isn’t the core product you offer. It’s the extra stuff. The special bonus. The story. The free prize inside. The little irresistible nugget that makes you worth talking about.

What do you really sell?


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