Don’t take yourself so seriously

This applies to personal advice and for your business as well. Everybody is too serious nowadays, have some fun and your customers will love you for it (and talk about you more too).

Case Study 1 – nudie

Yes, you read that right. The drink’s name is nudie… and yes, that’s a picture of an embarrassed naked cartoon person on the label. No it’s not a pornographic related drink. Just your regular juice, but with an awesome word-of-mouth twist.  Here’s the back of a nudie smoothie:

In case you can’t read that, here’s the text version:

“What is a nudie smoothie?
Okay, so you’re thinking ‘where’s the fruit in this one?’ It’s not hiding. It’s vanila! Somewhere along the line we found out that vanilla is the only edible fruit in the orchid family. (A handy fact to keep up your sleeve for awkward silences or BBQs.) As for those happy cows, they’ve been partying non-stop ever since they discovered the word ‘moo’ in smoothie. At first they were concerned about subliminal advertising but we quickly assured them no nudie drinkers would be harmed. The cows are now over the moon.”

Let’s see:

1. They told a brief and entertaining history about the drink
2. Gave you a quick fun fact
3. Personified cows
4. Made some more jokes
5. Made a reference to an old nursery rhyme
Bonus: They give you their address, email address, and website URL as well. Seriously?!

This whole company is positioned as light-hearted and fun. I don’t even drink it, just checking out the label alone made it worth talking about. As a consumer and a marketer, all I can say is “that’s freakin’ awesome!”

Oh and one more picture. This is what I get when I searched for their website on Google:


Give them a visit:

Case Study 2 – Zappos

Zappos, big online shoe retailer as you know, made about $1 billion in sales last year. This is probably old, but I went to their site, scrolled down and found this (highlighted with a red circle):

Naturally, I clicked it. Even big money-printing corporations can have some fun. Here’s the video it led me to:

Yep. Just got RickRoll’d by a billion dollar company.

Visit Zappos:


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