Favourite Stories from ‘The Big Moo’

The Big Moo is one of my favourite marketing book. Filled with good ideas. Admittedly some of the ideas are conflictling, though I believe that is point. Nevertheless, here a few of my favourite ones:

  • Real Artists Ship. Don’t aim for perfection during the development stage. Compromise, make it good enough (remarkable) and get it out the door before someone else does it with competitor product.
  • “It takes 99 percent of the time you spend just to be average. The remarkable stuff can happen in a flash.” (Spend 5 minutes and do something special. Become remarkable)
  • “But” Or “And”. Don’t say “but”. Give it a chance. What if you had to say “Yes, thanks!” or “Sure, how” every time someone had a suggestion”
  • Google has a policy for employees to spend 20 percent of their work time on projects of their own choosing (which often evolve into new features and product lines for the company). Understanding the value of cultivating these personal passions.
  • Ask customers about various business ideas. “Your customers are you best advisers”. Pick 3 of your best customers and call them this week. Ask them what you’re doing right/wrong and what can be done better. What else do they wish you would do. Tell them your biggest ideas about your company’s future.
  • Keep an “idea wallet” – record any ideas, insights and inspirations in a notebook. Carry it with you.
  • Capitalise on what you’re good at. Don’t compromise to be like the other guy.

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