Welcome, New Marketing

Just as aluminium tennis racquets replaced wooden racquets, and modern physics took over from classical physics, New Marketing is here to give our outdated marketing practices the almighty boot.

Old marketing doesn’t work as well any more. Our market is over-cluttered with too many solutions for problems that we’ve already solved. We’ve got more and more products, but less and less time to go through them. Now that our economy is in a downturn we have less money to throw around as well. The old system of the TV-industrial complex (see Purple Cow by Seth Godin) is no longer effective. Interruption media is no longer effective. We’ve gotten too damn good at ignoring every ad that comes our way.

Our modern interruption marketing is dead. New Marketing is the baby we need to nurture.

Seth Godin calls it being remarkable. Hugh MacLeod calls it the Social Object. But it’s just two ways of describing the same thing: the new currency for marketers is what we’ve always wanted – ‘that little somethin’ special’. That little somethin’ that gets people talking, that something’ interesting, new, different, special etc. That little somethin’ built into your product, rather than creating the common stock pig good. It’s the ‘remarkability’ of the product. It’s the ability of the product itself to get people ‘socialising’ about it. New Marketing is a shampoo whose bottle’s texture feels like smooth hair (or maybe that’s just tacky).

New Marketing is the future and I’m solidly in. How about you?

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