Mass de-personalisation marketing

For whatever reason, companies like to de-personalise communication with their customers. From the robotic voice recording in over-the-phone customer service to marketing messages (or otherwise) meant for the masses. Everything is depersonalised.

But what if it wasn’t this way? What if all your phone calls to companies was answered diligently by other people? What if all messages was written just for you? What if instead of signing “From the Customer Service Team” in emails, the CEO or managers themselves personally sign it? What if one company treated each person as an individual and not just one of the crowd?

Well, for one, at least for me, it makes me feel treasured and respected and I would be more loyal to the company. I would be more emotionally invested in the company, then tell 10 other people about your company’s remarkable treatment of customers. Instead of sending feedback emails and essentially getting told that they’ll politely ignore me, my comments get sent directly to people in the company who makes the decisions. Again, I’ll feel like my opinions matter. From the internal workings of the business, being more connected to your customers also means you’ll get hints as to what products and services to produce for them.

And all this boils down to at its fundamentals, is treating your customers like they’re people. It’s not just a marketing and business implication. Since when has respecting your fellow human being fallen out of fashion?

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