His name is Tucker Max, and he’s a marketing genius

The world knows Tucker Max as the premier irrespressible but ultimately lovable asshole. His NY Times Bestselling book I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell is being adapted into a major motion picture. But what the world doesn’t know about him is that he is a remarkable internet marketer. So far, in my opinion, his marketing strategy it revolves around his production blog. I may have very little marketing experience but I see it as absolute genius. Blogs are cheap (often free), easy to run, and it generates priceless advantages. I’ll post my more in-depth thoughts later, but in general here are what simple online marketing such as blogging can do for you:

  • Build awareness. Tucker started his movie blog about 1 year prior to the estimated release date. His audience would’ve started out small, but the word would gradually spread. Get people talking about your project.
  • Build credibility. Allow for a comment section. Tucker has an extensive forum dedicated for fans to ask questions where he himself and his team vigilantly answer them. Let your audience talk to each other and to the production team. It helps create interactivity and credibility.
  • Application of permission marketing. Don’t spam everyone; it’s annoying. Let the people who want the info have it, then give them more. The blog has an RSS Feed. He talks about the movie on his Twitter. You could sign up for his mailing list. In return for them signing up for such tools, they give you permission to market to them. You do tha. Give them exclusive bonuses. Make your audience feel appreciated and treasured.
  • Online word-of-mouth. The buzz generated by the blog by itself and Tucker’s interesting post about the movie business, making of the movie, informal entertaining and personal posts give everybody plenty to talk about. Slowly, the word will spread. You may not trust Tucker’s obviously biased opinions, but if everyone else is talking about it…
    Let’s just say that online word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing in existence.

All of this from a blog. Hollywood head honchos spend millions of dollars on advertising for their movies and rarely do they manage to cultivate all of that stuff. Why is Tucker the only one who’s doing it?

Oh, right; he’s a damn good marketer.

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